It’s Opening Day at “five – a blog”

Welcome to “five – a blog,” a personal year-long, online diary of my life.

Why a blog?  Well, I was inspired to create a blog for a few reasons, not the least of which is my loving and supportive life-partner Martin, who has always said I should share my thoughts with the world.  (He’s pretty awesome that way.)  I also always seem to have a lot of thoughts in my head and have been looking for a creative avenue to “let them out.” You see, my name is Tim and I am an interior designer, small business owner, uncle, partner, activist, friend, sibling – well, just so many “titles” that it is hard to list them all here. 

Above all, I’m just an average guy that has a voice and like all of us, would like people to hear it. 

I was also inspired by a sweet meme I saw on Facebook – it showed a jar with lots of small slips of folded paper inside, all bearing hand-written notes.  The meme caption suggested we write down everything good that happens to us and slip them inside the jar.  On New Year’s Eve, we are to open that jar and remember all the good that had happened during the preceding three hundred and sixty-five days.

This blog will be my jar…  We’ll just open it every day.

Finally, why “five?”  Well, I suppose I wanted a blog name that sounded mysterious and was not easy to decipher, nothing like “I HEART Fluffy Puppies” or “Breeding Exotic Reptiles for Fun and Profit.”  Too obvious for me.  I also wanted a blog name broad (meaning vague) enough that I wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into a narrow spectrum of topics to discuss.  And, being honest, the number five just keeps appearing in my life and sort of speaks to me.

Tim’s Short List of Five “Things” –

  1. I have a fondness for prime numbers; 1, 3, 5…
  2. I am a 50% partner (5-0) in a home furnishings store/design studio. 
  3. In November 2012, my business celebrated its five-year anniversary.
  4. On June 6, June 2013, I will be fifty-five years old (5-5).
  5. As part of my commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, I am planning on losing fifty-five pounds (5-5).
  6. In August of 2013, I will celebrate my five-year anniversary with my beloved partner, Martin. Five amazing years.
  7. I have five nieces that are the joys of my life.  (I also have two nephews that I love like crazy as well but they didn’t fit the whole “5” thing I have going on…)
  8. I have lived for five decades and, if when my commitment to a healthier lifestyle becomes a success, I plan on living for five more…

So, there you go, just a few reasons for the five, and why I have decided to share my life and thoughts with you.  I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do.  On this first day of 2013, I am filled with hope, joy and optimism for the next 364 days.  Thanks for coming on this journey with me…

PS – I PROMISE I will commit to at least five days of entries…   😉

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