Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

Readers of a “certain age” will no doubt recognize the title of this post as the song that stuck in your head for weeks after you first saw the cult movie classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  While I DO love that movie (and who doesn’t, am I right?), for me time warp-ing is more a side-effect resulting from the holidays.  Allow me to explain…

So, as you may or may not know, I am a partner in a small and moderately successful interior design firm/retail home furnishings store. The store/our office is CLOSED on Mondays.  So, even on a normal week, when I go to work on Tuesdays it feels like a Monday to me.  Now, couple that with the fact that our business was closed on Tuesday as well (New Year’s Day) and I think you can get a feeling for my predicament.  I spent the better part of today “feeling” like it should be Monday but “knowing” that it was actually Tuesday (‘cuz we are closed on Mondays) when, in actuality, it was really WEDNESDAY all day today. Ugh.

And, as if THAT whole jumble weren’t bad enough, this week is what I have always termed “Limbo Week.”  Not the dance.  You know, Limbo Week is the week when you are training yourself to remember to write down the new year every time something has to be dated .  Yet, while it is technically the new year, as far as my business and personal life goes, it’s not quite 2013 yet but definitely not 2012 anymore.  So I spent the bulk of today wondering not only what day of the week it was but what year it was as well. 

All day I felt like one of those characters in sci-fi movies; you know, the ones that have just come thru a wormhole, or tumbled thru a time-rift or otherwise experienced a time-altering moment.  The scene always plays out like this:

Actor dramatically grabs well-dressed woman on sidewalk: “Tell me!  Tell me, woman, what day is this?”

Woman, obviously scared and startled: “Why, it’s Wednesday, Mister.  Are you OK?”

Actor, visibly disoriented and agitated: “No, what date is it?  What YEAR is this?”  (Year said with great emphasis).

Woman, pulling away and looking for a policeman: “Today is Wednesday, 02 January 2013.  Get away – you’re scaring me!” (Woman runs, leaving scene).

The movie then advances into whatever contrived plot follows.  Anyway, I felt like that guy all day today.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day, overall.  It was nice to be back to work, even if I didn’t know what day/year it was…

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