When numbers align…

Today is Sunday, the sixth day of my blogging experience. Almost one week of posting down.

As I write this, my sixth post about everything and nothing at all, I feel pretty satisfied that the following events came to pass yesterday  –

I posted my fifth blog entry,

on the fifth day of the new year, AND

that same day I got my fifth follower AND

got my fifth comment.  Whew.

I see a lot of “fives” aligning here.  When The Universe sends me a message like that, I take that as a good omen.

I also wanted to post the image from which my little “icon” generates.  This Number 5 is public domain, and is part of a series of animal numbers used to teach counting to preschool children.  I guess this image spoke to me as I was researching “cool 5’s” because my earliest recollection of writing would have to be when I was right around five years old. Awesome, huh?


I really don’t see the connection between what reads as a snake (maybe?) and the Number 5, but it has also been almost five decades since I was five, so maybe children see things differently.  Or maybe children just see a playful face and accept that this is an animal without knowing exactly which species/genus it is.

As the year progresses, I plan on doing my best to return to that childhood level of acceptance and to stop trying so hard to be always be an adult all the time.  Children are beautiful in their innocence, acceptance and honesty; I aspire to be beautiful again…

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