Why can’t life be more like MOB WARS?

I assume that many of the people who follow my blog are also on Facebook.  I myself have been on Facebook since 2009 – it is a fun site, and allows me another outlet to share thoughts and opinions.  And probably like most people, I have had my fair share of infatuations with “social networking games” – Farmville, Hidden Chronicles, The Walking Dead.  Presently, I am enamored with an app/social networking game called “Draw Something.” But Mobs Wars, ah Mob Wars.  You were my first game and I have never deleted you since I “joined the mob.”  Which brings me to my question today:

Why can’t life be MORE like Mob Wars?

Now, I don’t mean the “jobs” or the “fighting.” I mean the money.

I should clarify a bit.  For those that do not play Mob Wars (and I have not actively played in over a year), you start as a petty thief and work your way up the mob ranks by doing jobs and earning/acquiring wealth and property.  And THAT is where I wish life were more like Mob Wars, the wealth part…

When I, for whatever reason, chose to log onto Mob Wars today while on Facebook, I was stunned to see that I had $4,071,200,383,115.00 at 4:24PM — and would receive “more money” less than five minutes later.

Look at the number again: $4,071,200,383,115.00


I’m almost too embarrassed to admit that I don’t even know how much “fake money” that is — I’m guessing it might be close to the National Debt, LOL!  Anyway, that is how I wish life mirrored Mob Wars.  I wish I could ignore money for a year and come back to find that it had miraculously compounded/grown into a fortune beyond my wildest imaginings.

Regrettably, I realize that is NOT how life or money works and, no matter how hard I try (unless I develop the next Facebook), I will probably never be worth $4,071,200,383,115.00.  I am, however, thankful for all those things upon which a dollar value cannot be set: the love of my partner, a close circle of great friends, my family, my health and my life in general. In all of these areas I am wealthy beyond thirteen decimal points.

Thanks goodness my alter-ego, Tim the Taker, can enjoy that faux wealth in Shanghai, Medellin and other exotic – and dangerous – locales.  I hope that imaginary wealth brings him much imaginary joy…

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