Inspiration is all around us…

O.M.G. Here we are, less than ten days into my year-long blog project and I find myself stumped for a topic for today’s entry. Can this be writer’s block – already? YIKES. The next three hundred and fifty-six posts are maybe going to be a challenge.

When I committed to this project, I assumed (in my head) that my life would be interesting and varied enough every day to provide me a rich range of experiences from which to draw my daily post inspiration. Could it possible that some of my days might just pass without great events or moments? This fact troubled me a bit; my life cannot be so ordinary. I mean, can I really write something riveting, witty and insightful about the chicken Caesar salad I enjoyed for lunch?

In desperation, I reached for the book I keep on my desk for inspiration:


(Mine has a gold cover but no matter).

I think — at least I hope — that everyone has at minimum one book that inspires them and gives them hope or perspective. That book for me is “8,789 words of wisdom” by Barbara Ann Kipfer. The book is a pocket-sized tome full of thoughtful sentences, phrases and inspirational quotes. Some entries are actual quotes or excerpts from other written works and acknowledged as such, but most are the everyday, common wisdom we all hear but never heed. The author notes in her introduction, “Pick the book up and open it to any page, and you will be able to find something that appeals and applies to you. Every day you can bring a new insight to your life…” And so it was with me today.

I picked up the book, planning to be inspired by some lofty quote or moving message; the first entry I saw was this:

“Almost everything can be interpreted in a different way.” 

Even though I “planned” on finding a super juicy, inspirational sentence that would be the genesis of my post today, I found the passage above. This made me revisit my day and re-interpret the day’s events. When I first reviewed my day for inspiration, I had dismissed all the following as “uneventful:”

  • A productive meeting with my business partner and our accountant, finalizing plans to make our business even better and more successful in 2013,
  • A day spent at the store, working and laughing, and still “taking care of business,” and
  • Coming home to my life partner Martin, whose smiling face and loving embrace always greet me as if we were still newlyweds.

So, as Ms. Kipfer’s note above suggests — albeit slightly tweaked — things look different from different angles. On the road to personal inspiration, I was ultimately reminded of things that should (and do) inspire me, and I was thankful I looked back again.

Now those truly were words of wisdom. Thanks, Barbara!

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