Today was a rough one…

… at the store.

In case you didn’t know, I am co-owner of a boutique home furnishings and accessories store.  Generally, I love working in the store, helping clients and just generally chattin’ up the clientele.  I am, however, always a bit challenged by “retail walk-ins.”  Retail walk-ins are, to me, the BIGGEST challenge with owning a home furnishings and accessories store.

The typical retail walk-ins fit this profile:

  • A couple – gay or straight – that know exactly what they want but, in actuality, have no idea what they want (or even worse, they will “Know it when they see it…” Ugh!)
  • It usually seems that this couple have not spoken with one another about this shopping trip before the event.
  • There is always something perfect they saw somewhere but it was “…too much money.”  And finally,
  • The couple assumes that on a Saturday afternoon the sole employee in the store can take an hour  – in this case almost two – and not only wait on them hand and foot, flipping catalog pages for them, he can also discuss their living room furniture arrangement (which I have never seen) and moderate their fight/act as their personal couple’s counselor.

These couples usually make me want to do this:


Don’t get me wrong; I am HAPPY for every sale we have but some sales are DEFINITELY easier than others.

I had retail walk-ins at the store today.  After almost two hours, they settled on a floor lamp and a purchase was made.  Was it worth it?  Of course it was but could it have been easier?  Heck yeah!

The good news is, all that arguing, all that discussing and discussing and discussing, all those voices in my head will fade away as soon as I hear the credit card machine processing today’s transactions at closing time…

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