Coffee Confession

I should come clean – in spite of my best efforts, I don’t really like coffee all that much…

ImageIn fact, I think I rarely even drank coffee with any frequency before my SBF (sweet boyfriend) Martin entered my life. And even now, if I maintain the spirit of honesty I have always said I would apply to my blog posts, I have a confession to make:

I really don’t even like the taste of coffee; I do, however, LOVE the taste of flavored creamers.

Yup, it’s true. I AM the customer that buys all those crazy flavored creamers at the grocer. Caramel Sea Salt, or French Vanilla? York Peppermint Patty or Pumpkin Spice, albeit a slightly seasonal flavor in my opinion? Martin and I are currently addicted to Italian Sweet Cream in our coffee – its subtle blending of vanilla and cream make the dreariest instant coffee taste like a fabulous Starbucks creation (no offense, professional baristas!) I find I cannot drink coffee without some flavored creamer added.

Maybe its a sign of growing older – I like my “hot beverages” sweeter and smoother. Years ago, in my hedonistic youth, I frequently consumed large quantities of vodka (more on that in future posts) and, after the bars closed, did my best to neutralize the blurring effects of alcohol by consuming mug after mug of strong, black coffee. It was never a beverage meant to be enjoyed – the caffeine was supposed to make me more alert and sober me up. Thankfully, those days were long past before I met my angel. Now I embrace and enjoy coffee as the social beverage it was always intended to be…

I wake up and have a cup of coffee with my sweetie every morning. In the evening, I wrap up the day’s affairs with a second cup of coffee, again with my beloved. Those hot cups of creamy, sugary liquid bookend each of my days. Coffee – and sweet, flavored creamers – have become an integral part of my daily routine. It is a ritual I have come to love. But sometimes I have to ask myself – is it the sweetened coffee I love so much, or being with Martin?

I guess I have to say, I like sweetened coffee but I love enjoying it best with my sweetie…

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