Today, America went “all in…”

Today I had the luxury of watching a huge block of The Presidential Inauguration – mostly in the morning – leading up to The President’s actual swearing in around noon. I saw James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson perform. (I liked James Taylor. Kelly Clarkson? Not so much…) I haven’t yet had the chance to really process all The President’s later remarks and speeches, although the internet seems abuzz with every group, every minority, every “we-are-all-supposed-to-be-equal-but aren’t-treated-that-way” faction claiming a personal victory in The President’s remarks, sure that this word specifically referenced them and that another word was meant for another group.

I haven’t reviewed it all yet. I don’t quite know what to make of it but I do know – HOPE – this:


President Obama? You are the last chance America has for true equality and greatness in my lifetime. I’m not sure why you were chosen for this role but I feel you are totally capable and worthy of it.

PLEASE follow through on your promise for complete and true equality for all people; manifest your personal evolution. Make America realize and fulfill the rich promise our forefathers envisioned, a country where everyone created equal is finally TREATED and RESPECTED equally under the law.

It’s now or never, Mr. President. I don’t really gamble but in poker I believe the term/move/action is called “going all in.” Please, Mr. President, be the leader I know you are: Go all in. Make America the best country it can be.

I promise I will help support you in every way you ask, and in every way I can. Thank you in advance…

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