A lick and a promise

When I was a little kid, my Mom used to always kinda’ hate housework, saying she’d give the floor “A lick and a promise” to hold it over till the day she could really clean. I feel that way about my blog entry today; I cannot find/make the time I normally devote to my posts.

I have been up since 6:15AM. I had Weight Watchers this morning (down 1.8 pounds this week — HOORAY!), then I drove through the bank to grab some dough, came home, posted to my business’ Facebook page, grabbed my SBF and was off to work. I work 11A till 6P today. Work has been an annoying challenge this week as our computer “bit the dust” and every transaction has to be recorded by hand (At the moment, I am on my beloved’s laptop – borrowed for a few minutes – to crank out this feeble post). The computer will live again after “3-5 business days” for the part to get here.

After work, Martin and I are going to our friends Scott and Joe’s house for dinner. They are RIDICULOUSLY great cooks (chefs, really!) and time just flies by when we are all together. Add to the mix their dog, Xander, an uber-chill giant schnauzer that Martin LOVES and it is easy to predict that we won’t get home till probably close to midnight.

So I cannot figure out a window for proper posting today. I hope you understand and enjoy this insanely cute picture of a kitten licking his paw. I leave you with this lick – and my promise to be back tomorrow, time better managed, with another witty, insightful and/or inspiring post. Thanks for understanding!


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