Today, I have hope again.

I have hope that a long-desired and much-needed legislative intervention may finally put one area of my life at peace, and give closure and finality to an open-ended state of existence that has been my shared reality for almost half a decade now.

Out of curiosity, I entered “hope” into an image search engine – this image returned to me:


I’d like to thank the unknown photographer that captured this image because, at least for me, this IS how hope “looks” – bright and shining in the darkness, illuminating the path to an end long dreamed of… I mean, the very definition of hope is “…the feeling or belief that something you want to happen is likely to happen.” This is not only the definition of hope, it is the essence of hope, the manifestation of feeling and belief.

I HOPE my hope has finally come to be – only the future knows for now. Until then, the day when my hope transforms into my reality, I will continue to keep it close in my heart and pray The Universe will fulfill its promise to me.

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