Bananas – the ultimate betrayal?

I felt betrayed by on old friend today, someone I have loved for many, many years.



Yes, bananas. Today I saw a post on the internet that screamed “To avoid BELLY FAT, always avoid these FIVE foods!” – followed by a squiggle arrow that folded and unfolded unto a drawing of a banana. Turns out, bananas are my Judas.

I have loved bananas my whole life. My Mommo (my Grandmother) always joked that before my siblings and I went to Tennessee to visit her, she always had to “..lay in a supply of bananers for Timmy.” My grandparents were even so doting as to stock their freezer with Mayfield Dairy (not available here) Frozen Banana Pops, an artificially-flavored-and-colored frozen confection that could not be beat in the heat of smoldering July evenings in Louisville, Tennessee.

A “special” dessert on my birthday? Banana pudding.

My favorite ice cream creation? A banana split.

Heck, I even really – honestly, kinda’ – enjoyed watching The Banana Splits growing up…Image

(click on image above to hear The Banana Splits theme song)

…not because they were great – “adventure hour, really?” – but because of B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So, you can understand my disappointment when I discovered my favorite number one, grab-n-go “healthy snack” was, in fact, revealed to be my waistline’s number one enemy.

I still remember the JOY I felt when the latest version of Weight Watchers moved bananas into the “Zero Points” category of fruits and vegetables. Hooray! Now I could eat bananas with no guilt, and indulge my nibbling obsession without remorse. Then I got the news…

“Bananas increase belly fat. Bananas contain a difficult carbohydrate to break down. Bananas inhibit your body’s natural ability to produce insulin. Bananas cause male pattern baldness and dry skin.” (OK, that last entry is a lie but, gosh, I felt that way!) Anyway,

What was I to do with this new information? How could I ever forgive bananas for a lifetime of lies? Would I ever eat banana bread again?

The truth is, in my humble opinion, EVERY food is good for you and EVERY food is bad for you. The reality is that no food is inherently bad its what we (meaning “I”) do with them that makes them a good choice or a bad choice. I have spent my whole life working to release the “thin, healthy inner me” and have had some success, and some setbacks.  As so many people on the same journey say, “I am a work in progress.”

My journey is far from over but I WILL get there. And, honestly? Banana will be there with me – not BANANAS, but banana. No food is “bad.” No food has any magical power to melt away body fat, just as no one food creates spare tires around our waists. As they say, everything in moderation. Now I just have to include bananas on the moderation list.

I forgive you, bananas. I hope you will forgive me for judging you so harshly…

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