I have stared down “The Devil”

Though I do not embrace or follow it anymore, I was raised in the Catholic faith. There are a number of things I love about Catholicism and a number of things I do NOT love about it – more on that in a future post. One thing about being Catholic? Good = God, Bad = Satan. It’s pretty clear-cut/non-negotiable. And from my childhood, Satan always looked like this:


Pretty scary, huh? Satan, Lord of Darkness. The Great Tormentor. God’s Fallen Angel. However, over the past two-plus weeks, this has been my great tormentor:

ImageFor anyone that doesn’t recognize this monster, this is a defective power supply unit from a Dell Vostro 200 Thin Tower, our computer at work, which was broken for over two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! (it is shown here in what I like to imagine is its tiny, cardboard coffin, on its way out to the trash). Imagine your life without email and the internet and Spider Solitaire (OK, so it gets a little slow sometimes at work). Now imagine that same technology-starved existence and compound that frustration with the knowledge that EVERYTHING you need for work – purchase orders, stored emails, sales records, client agreements and more – are all trapped in “hard drive limbo,” unable to be accessed because your computer is “down.”

Ugh – it was indeed like being in Hell.

Our work computer is five and a half years old, which is like three hundred in human years. It is SO outdated that Dell (the company, not the nice lady that works at Best Buy) searched for two weeks before they could find a “…compatible replacement part.” In the meantime, my business partner just went online and bought a refurbished unit from some computer geek in like Nebraska or somewhere. (You really CAN buy just about anything on Amazon or eBay – query “baby teeth” and see what comes up!!!) Anyway, the new/refurbished used part arrived yesterday and my beloved Martin – my fearless, sweet life partner – installed the new piece in like ten minutes with the help of a video off YouTube – in Japanese, no less! – and viola! The computer works like new again!

I have learned a few important lessons from this whole experience:

  • Much as I say I am not a “big computer guy,” I am – it almost scares me how much I rely on computers/the internet. I mean, I actually had to try and FIND a phone book to look up a number (then I just “Googled” it on my iPhone).
  • You really, truly can buy and/or sell anything via the internet. Want a bale of dog hair? Someone is probably selling one.
  • Between YouTube, Google and Radio Shack, you probably could build a compete Mars Surface Rover…

I’m glad the computer works again. I am glad that my world is once again connected to the rest of the world. I’m glad Martin is so tech-savvy and not afraid to just “do stuff” like me. He’s awesome. But – most of all?

I am just glad Martin “is” and I will do all I can to make sure he never gets broken… He is MY real angel.

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