I wanna’ start a war

I am sad by many things happening in society today – crazy gun “stuff,” the inequality that still exists between men and women – heck, what about the inequality that just exists in general? – growing unemployment/lack of opportunity, the list is almost never-ending. It makes me sad; it actually makes my heart hurt at times, to witness how uncivil and cruel the world has become. The world has to change – and soon!

And, as rudimentary and overly-simplified as it may seem, I think the solution to many, MANY of the world’s problems would begin if everyone would just make an effort to say these two words every day:


(click image above for a discussion of thanks)

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think that for the most part, today’s world exists largely devoid of manners. It’s appalling how badly we treat one another. Here’s what I mean – think about the last time someone not paid to do so (think retail store clerk or coffee house barista) actually said “Thank you” to you. Can you remember? Even better yet, when was the last time YOU thanked someone – sincerely – for a kindness or favor?

Here’s another exercise…


Think about the last time you “cussed somebody out” or gave someone “a piece of your mind” (and hopefully it’s NOT the aforementioned retail store clerk or coffee house barista!) It’s kinda’ sad that we can all remember THAT situation, right? I guess I am lucky – I had old-skool Southern grandparents that taught me that, even when I didn’t like someone, I still had to be polite. I mean I say “Sir” and “Ma’am” – that is so uncommon here in Ohio that I routinely have people comment that it is “…clear I was in the service because no one has manners like that who hasn’t been a soldier.”

Really? Do only ex-soldiers have manners/social graces?

And don’t even get me started on thank you notes. Wow, I know – it takes effort to actually get a card (buy a box – it’s easy!), hand-write a personalized note inside, address an envelope and actually stamp and mail it. Ugh! Such work…

So, here it what I propose – let’s all go to war…



Let’s begin a cultural war on impoliteness and crude manners. I  mean, it would be like being mean, only to mean people – follow? Get cruddy service at a restaurant? THANK the server for his/her time and attention. They will wonder what the heck is wrong with you but, that small investment of your time will make the NEXT person have a better experience, I promise.

(click image above for “how to write a thank you note”)

Picking up some dry-cleaning? THANK the counter person for getting your clothes so quickly. That “kindness seed” will grow and then they, in turn, will give a THANKS to someone they encounter. It’s like the whole concept of paying it forward; eventually, the goodwill you put out – the civility, the politeness – it WILL come back to you, I swear…

Listen – I cannot fight this battle alone, so PLEASE help me make the world a kinder, gentler place. THANK YOU in advance for all your help…   😉

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