Luxury Theater vs. Redbox, Round One

So today, as is our usual routine, my sweet partner Martin and I went to see a movie; two movies, actually. The movies we saw are irrelevant (although both fell a bit short of our expectations) but, as always, I stood in the theater concession area before we went into the theater and asked myself, “Who can afford to go to the movies anymore?”

Martin and I went to see a matinee show (before 6PM) at a super 24 screen, stadium-style multiplex theater. Our matinee tickets were $5.50/each. Martin treated himself to some sort of Starbuck’s latte-something for $4.55 and I brought my 2013 “Endless-refills-for-$3.00” cup and had a Diet Coke. All told, we spent $18.55 to see an average film – at 1:00PM on a Monday afternoon.

Now, had we seen the same film on a Friday or Saturday evening, ticket prices would have jumped to $9.75/each. And let’s suppose we are “living large” and making it a “Date Night.” I still have my cup and Martin still has his Starbucks but we also add a large, buttered popcorn for $7.00 (free refills) and a box of Raisinettes, available anywhere for $1.99 but at the theater that box is $3.75. So, that total is $37.80. THIRTY-SEVEN-DOLLARS-AND-EIGHTY CENTS!


Now, I am hardly some big cheap-o but, really? Almost $38.00 for two people to go to the movies?  Let me put that in some perspective…

$37.80, divided by $1.29 (the average cost of a Redbox rental) equals 29.3 movies, or almost ONE movie per DAY for an entire MONTH!


As I have stated, I am hardly some super tight wad but movie houses can cry all they want – the price to go see a recent release in a theater is almost ridiculous, especially given that most movies make it to Redbox within two months. And don’t EVEN get me started on the price we get raped to see a 3-D pic…

As a business owner myself, I understand the cost of overhead. I know those faux leather stadium seats cost a lot to buy/maintain/replace. But man oh man, if no one can afford to attend movies at those theaters then what’s the point?

I’m not really sure what the answer is, and maybe I am overly-sensitive to this situation because I LOVE movies. I.LOVE. MOVIES. Martin and I see at least 2-3 movies a week. So, I hope someone, somewhere, sometime soon connects the dots and has some sort of “a-Ha” moment, and realizes why theater attendance continues to drop.

Otherwise, there will soon be a Redbox on every corner…

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