“I belong with you, you belong on teeth…” Ugh.

I was off work today and had a pretty full schedule of errands to run. I actually do not mind running errands; the completion of short-term, immediate tasks gives me some great positive reinforcement. Anyway,

I started my day by dropping off my beloved at class around 8:30AM. And so it began…

On the radio (96.5 KISS FM in Cleveland) comes the MOST annoying song ever recorded, “Ho. Hey” by some Irish-folk-wanna-be-jug-playing band called The Lumineers. You know the song – it is endless repetitions of the same basic four bars of music, punctuated by “Ho” then “Hey” for a maddening 2:42 minutes.

I saw The Lumineers perform on Saturday Night Live – they had like ten band members on stage to play the same four wimpy musical phrases over and over endlessly…

The Lumineers

 Click image above to experience the most mindless song ever recorded.

Anyway, I kinda’ shut those crooning country folk out and drove home. I did a couple quick things around the house and left for a client appointment at a lighting showroom.  I had been in the car for five minutes – really, five minutes – and here they come again. “Ho. Hey.”

Now I realize radio is a pretty mindless medium (think Ryan Seacrest) so I just ignored them and went on my way. About an hour later I was back in my car on my way to the grocery for a quick stop when – AGAIN –  I hear “Ho. Hey.”

I swear to God, I am NOT  making this up…

I leave the grocery store, on my way to therapy (I need more therapy after today) and AGAIN – no BS – “Ho. Hey.” In frustration, I changed the station. “Ho. Hey.”

So, I go for a ninety minute therapy session and, on my way back down to campus to pick up my SBF, “HO. HEY!” (Now it’s like The Lumineers are YELLING at me, personally.) In total frustration, I turn the radio completely off.  My SBF appears, we run to the campus bookstore to peruse the sale table and then are on our way back home for the day. Innocently, Martin reaches over and clicks on the radio…

“Ho. Hey.”

By this time, I have been in and out of the car five times over the course of about six hours and I have heard that STUPID song seven times. SEVEN. TIMES. What, doesn’t Taylor Swift have a new break-up song? Nothing new for The Little Monsters from Lady Gaga? Doesn’t J-Lo have some song to promote?

Anyway, I am finally home for the day. No more radio for me. No more annoying, “haunting” love songs from the latest one-hit wonder band (remember Dexy’s Midnight Runners?)  So, my beloved and I sit down to relax for a few minutes and turn on the TV.

Ironically, here is the first TV commercial I see:

Lumineers teeth

It’s like I am in Lumineer HELL…

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