The March of Time (in February)

I know I have commented many times here about my relationship with time – how it always seems to escape me, how it just moves and passes without notice, how sometimes I wake up at 6:30AM and the next time I catch a breath, it is like 9PM, or later. Yes, it seems that time is always on the move…

Sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much time moves; then you get a reality check. For example, yesterday my beloved and I went on an afternoon getaway date, nothing special and everything special (I WAS with my Angel, after all!). Of course there was some picture-taking involved and I had a kinda’ nice pic of my face in the batch. So, vanity “forced” me to post it on Facebook, where it has so far received 29 “LIKES” and a number of favorable comments as of this writing. That’s awesome and everything – thanks for the nice comments, everyone – but after I posted that image I also saw another photo of myself and was reminded just how quickly time can pass.

It seems like only yesterday I was the young man in the image on the left when, in reality, yesterday I was the young-at-heart man pictured on the right. Now  I happen to think that I am still an OK-looking guy (ego check, please) but these two images are separated by approximately forty-seven years – FOUR SEVEN. Where did all that time go?  When did it all pass by? I mean, if (God forbid) you were a criminal and sentenced to “forty-seven years in prison,” I think that declaration would be devastating. Yet, I have passed forty-seven years and it passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I was that solemn-faced schoolboy in the picture, my only challenge at that moment being sitting still long enough for the photo to be taken and hoping I had managed to comb down my cowlick just right (Sweet Jesus, how I wish I still had THAT challenge – the cowlick; now that area of my head is very sparsely populated with hair, LOL!)


I have journeyed forty-seven years between these images, almost five decades of a life filled mostly with joy but sometimes heartache as well.

I have welcomed seven nieces and nephews and said goodbye to three grandparents, my Mom and my sister Jeannie. I am currently waiting for two new babies to enter my life, my oldest niece’s first child and my Sweetie’s brother’s first baby. I have held several jobs, some fulfilling, others mindless and now I own my own business (I have a great business partner so technically I co-won a business).

I have been fortunate enough to travel, having been to many states, Mexico, Canada, Germany and France (ah, Paris!). I have attended college not once but twice and, while I have two incomplete degrees, feel that I have earned a Master’s Degree in Life Experience.

I have been through a few relationships, some OK, a few of them quite damaging emotionally. I am now in the best, most satisfying relationship of my lifeI have a partner that I love, respect and care about deeply and he returns that love and respect every day, every moment. I have finally found my “one” and I am thankful every day for that gift.

So, all things considered, I guess when I reflect on time and how quickly it seems to pass I guess I realize that am not sad it does pass, I just hope that I have an equal amount of time left. I pray The Universe will see clear to gift me another fifty-four years – I have so much yet to do, so much love to share and give, so much more of life to experience.

The Universe is usually pretty good to me, so I am optimistic about my timeline request. However, whether it ultimately turns out to be fifty-four more years, weeks, days or minutes, I personally vow to savor every “unit” and to stop worrying about if there will be enough time…

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