A Sickening Post

I think (hope?) most people who read/follow my blog know who RuPaul is…


For the innocent and/or uninitiated, RuPaul is arguably the most well-know and celebrated drag queen on the scene today. The cross-dressing love child of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, RuPaul has made drag accessible to America through the TV shows “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Drag U.” RuPaul’s signature question – “If you can’t love yourself, how the HELL you gonna’ love somebody else?” – always is met with a resounding round of “Amens.”

I enjoy RuPaul and the shows; they always make me smile…

Rupaul 3

The shows have done a lot to make America more tolerant and accepting of gay people in general and female impersonators/drag queens in particular. I am always amazed though, as I watch the show, when RuPaul makes an aside to explain some gay slang term to the viewing audience. See, the thing is, every word these queens use are just updated versions of words from my youth; allow me to illustrate –

On the show, when something or someone is just like beyond perfection, the lady boys call that “sickening.” In my youth, we called that “flawless.” Is somebody being a bitch towards you, or saying bad things about you? Today that is known as “throwing shade” – we simply labeled the whole thing “attitude.” When I was in my late teens/early twenties, if I had some hot gossip, I had the “dirt” or the “dish” – today that info nugget is simply called the “T.” A drag queen that is confident and sexy is called “fierce;” we simply said they were “hot.” (and yes, hot like Paris Hilton hot, only twenty years before she was even born!) And finally, when the Drag Race contestants want to ostracize a fellow contestant they don’t like, that poor soul is anointed a “booger.” When I was younger, we did something even worse – we “who’d” a person. We would call them by their names, followed by “who.” There was Henry Who and Natalie Who and David Who. And none had ever met The Grinch in 1978…


  RuPaul: “Lady Bunny Who?”

I’d like to thank RuPaul, the original “Super Model of the World,” for just being RuPaul. As an entertainer and creative person, RuPaul has few equals. RuPaul is equal parts female impersonator, actor/actress, performance artist and singer. There is no doubt that RuPaul is flawless sickeningly fierce…

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