On Being Always Right…

Some truths seem so obvious to me, so fundamental and basic. Here is one:


Of course, I am joking but I often catch myself acting as if this were some Universal Truth. I’m working on that.

For a huge part of my life, I totally lacked self-confidence.  I grew up the pale, freckled, slightly chubby red-headed kid – plus I was gay! – so I was never very self-assured. Many years later – through dozens of self-help books, dozens of months of  “Weight Watcher-ing” and a dozen-and-a-half years of therapy, I am pretty secure in myself, my sexuality and my appearance. Sometimes, however, that self-assurance morphs into some ugly, I-am-always-right attitude and I have to give myself an ego check.

It is good to believe in yourself and your ideas but when that conviction clouds your judgment, or closes your mind to the ideas or thoughts of others, that is a bad scenario. I struggle with the balance between conviction and bull-headedness often but I think I am winning that battle.

What am I saying? I KNOW I am winning that battle. I mean, like the graphic says, “I am ALWAYS right.”

One response to “On Being Always Right…

  1. Dad is usually right, but one time, I was right. I wanted to bask in the glory, so Dad wrote it down on a piece of paper. I wanted him to engrave it in stone, but he said that was too permanent. Sigh.

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