Stop TXTng Me. Please.

I work hard every day to remain cool and hip. I struggle/put forth effort to embrace new ideas and new things. I desperately try to be as current and up-to-date as possible. I mean, look at me – I “blog” AND I have a Facebook page, LOL! So, having said all that, it may seem odd that I would like to post this sign everywhere:


I am not a big fan of text-ing for many reasons but mostly because I have almost never, ever attempted to do anything via text that did not require a phone call to complete the action. And, as my dear friend Cal once explained to me, instant messages and texts always sound good (and complete!) in our heads because we KNOW what we want to say; we are just usually never able to completely convey that meaning.

Today was a perfect example. Here is the text chain virtually verbatim of a conversation I endured today over the course of about three and a half hours…

(Names have been changed or omitted to “protect the innocent”)

Contractor to meDo you know if  “Tile Place” was paid for the tile at K’s?

Me to ContractorYes, the tile at Tile Place is paid for in full. I can arrange to have it delivered or you can probably go pick it up if you need it right away. They are SLOW there so, if you pick it up, let me know so I can call them and have them get it ready.

ContractorI just went to Tile Place they said it wasn’t paid

MeThe tile is absolutely paid for – ugh. If I had known you were going I would have made sue it was “released” or whatever. I have 2 calls into Tile Place; I’ll keep you posted. Sorry you had that trouble/made that trip for nothing…

ContractorNo biggie

MeThe order is released now so I’d give them 10 minutes or so to pull it and then you can go pick it up, or they open at 8A if you wanna grab it tomorrow. Sorry again for the double trip.  😦

Contractor I already paid for it and picked it up they just need to Reimburse me if it was already paid for

ContractorSorry I should have been more clear

MeSorry I misunderstood. Let me know the amount you paid and how you paid (check or charge) and I’ll get you a reimbursement. It may take a few days after I get your info so hang in there – sorry again this is such an ordeal…

ContractorI paid with credit card last time I had to go back there for a reimbursement I can do that as long as they know its been paid for

MeUgh. This day has been ridiculous. Hang tight and let me find out what to do. Thanks!

So yeah – that entire conversation exchange happened via text (plus three phone calls placed BY me and two phone calls placed TO me). I’m not sure why the contractor a). didn’t let me know he was going to pick up the product and b). didn’t explain from the get go he had already paid for and picked up the goods. One phone call would have prevented all this agony.

It will all work out. It will be fine but the thing that always puzzles me is that you have to use one of these:monile-phones-recycled-for-cash-530x353

to even SEND a text. right? I mean, it’s not like we are still using one of these:


Although, I have to say, life seemed a lot less complicated and more efficient when we did…

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