Just An Empty Bowl

Today was a pretty busy day for me – I dropped off my SBF at school at 8:30A, ran back home, worked out for 30 minutes, did a few household chores, showered, ironed a shirt, read/responded to emails, made a few phone calls for work, left to go give a blood sample for a doctor’s appointment next week, had 90 minutes of therapy, came back to pick up the SBF from school, grabbed some sandwiches at Subway, took in a movie (“Beautiful Creatures” – YAWN) then got back home about 6:40P. Anyway, it was a full and – I like to think – productive day.

Anyway, as is sometimes my habit before I began writing my blog posts, today I clicked on BING images and just scrolled thru the pics at random. I am a pretty visual person so I am often inspired by images I see; such is the case today.

For no reason in particular – in fact I cannot really even remember what I had entered to find it – I came across the image of this bowl:


Now, besides the fact that I would like to OWN this bowl, the image really spoke to me. It reminded me of how people (myself included) seem to “hang on at the edges” of life sometimes, afraid to let go and fall into the fray, in this case the bowl. The thing is I guess the reason why I am fascinated by this bowl is that it so beautifully illustrates what would happen if we all stopped trying so hard to be strong and independent and tenacious – not that there is anything wrong with any of those qualities – but look how lonely all those edge-of-the-bowl people look.

What would happen if they let go? They’d fall down into the bowl, into the people “soup.” People soup. The question is, would that be so bad?

I worry sometimes that I am too solitary a person, that maybe I cling to the edge a little more than I should. I have my life pretty “tidy,” with everything fitting together just so. The sad thing is that living that way prevents spontaneous adventures, delightful moments that no one on the edge ever gets to experience. To use the whole soup analogy again, the edge of the bowl tends to be dried up and crusty; the “good stuff” is always in the thick middle part. Noodles, hunks of meat and veggies – all the stuff that make the soup great, the substance of the soup…

Going forward, I think I will let go of the edge of the bowl, dive into the broth and swim for the nearest oyster cracker! Hope I see you in there, too…

PS – If anyone recognizes this bowl and/or knows where I can get one, please let me know. You’ll have to let go of the edge to call me but…

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