“He’s Making a List, He’s Checkin’ it Twice” – or more!

O.M.G. When did life get so complicated and I-N-T-E-N-S-E?

You may or may not remember that I am co-owner of an interior design practice attached to a small, retail home furnishings and accessories boutique called duoHOME. After 5.5 years in our current location, duoHOME is moving to a new office/storefront in about a month. Seems exciting, right? Well, it is – and I am excited! – but the things that need to be done!


It seems like there is a “list” like the one above – only filled in! – that needs to be addressed every day! Now, I am blessed in my life with TWO fantastic partners, my Life Partner Martin (I love him!) and my Business Partner Scott (I am fond of him as well, only in a different way, LOL!). Both these guys will have their hands full with me and the “lists” over the next four weeks or so. Martin will be largely in charge of managing my mental and emotional health every day (like that is different from any other day – are you ready, babe?) and Scott will be my super-organized partner in crime as we navigate the endless task lists. We have a list for transferring utilities, coordinating the renovation of our new space (think painting, cleaning, etc.), closing down our existing space, updating our website and Facebook page, and just about every other major and minuscule task you can imagine. And all of this is happening while the day-to-day operation of our design business keeps rolling on.

As they say in our business, “Clients wait for no one.”

We will be fine, of course. And I am SUPER excited about the move – I just wish it were over already. As my close friends know, I have a mild case of adult ADHD and I often joke that I am a Franklin Covey failure. I am pretty good at creating and organizing task lists, I just have to remember at some point this needs to be happening:


Fortunately for me, BOTH my partners will be great support and help during this transition time, and I hope I can be the same for them. I also plan on keeping in mind a great piece of advice I learned three decades ago when I was a restaurant manager…

Years ago, I used to be a front of the house manager for a huge, national chain of Mexican restaurants. During one particularly bad Tuesday Margaritaville shift, as our quoted wait time for tables was spiraling out of control and I had to have several loud drunks “escorted” from our cantina by the police, a tiny, sweet hostess – probably no more than sixteen or seventeen years old at the time – squeezed my hand, smiled at me serenely and said,“Tim you just have to remember, no matter how bad it may seem now, the dining room closes at 11PM and it will all be over then…” 

I’d like to thank that hostess for that bit of wisdom; it has guided me almost every day since she shared it with me. Sure, it has morphed into a slightly more universal message, something like, “No matter how daunting a task may seem, know that every challenge has an ending” or something like that but it is great advice.

Our upcoming move? As long as we stay focused, committed and on task (the lists!), we will be fine. I better make sure I have a good supply of pens and pencils on hand – I can see a lot of check marks in my immediate future!

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