Things I Love – Furniture Edition

As an interior designer, I get exposed to many, many beautiful things – furniture, wall coverings, lighting, fabrics – you name a category and someone has designed something(s) in that area. They are so many really brilliant, well-designed things but I do have a few favorites…

Many of my absolute  FAVORITE pieces come from Hudson Furniture, a New York-based company that produces the work of designer Barlas Baylar, founder and designer of Hudson Furniture, Inc. The catalog of products reflects a singular, unique vision and I am OBSESSED with ultimately owning one or more Hudson pieces. As each is more art than actual furniture, the pieces are best-described as high-end but – I’m sure – are worth every penny.

If the term “high-end” makes no sense to you, imagine you are looking at restaurant listings on Google – if Hudson Furniture were a restaurant, they listing would close with this notation: $$$$$.

So, in my fantasy room, I’d start with the Tusk Chandelier:

Tusk Chandelier

I’d have it hang low in the center of a seating group made up of a foursome of Mal Club Chairs – and I think I’d like them upholstered in dark gray mohair:Mal Club chairBetween the Mal Chairs, I’d place these Pertrified Wood Side Tables – just two! – between the four chairs:Petrified Wood End Tables And finally, across the room, I’d feature the large Lipstick Console:Lipstick Console

All images courtesy Hudson Furniture, Inc.

Wood. Metal. Acrylic. All those materials, all those rich textures and surfaces. So these are the important pieces in my dream room; I’d add some amazing wallpaper and a breathtaking area rug, but those selections are dreams for another day…

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