I know I made the commitment to blog every day this entire year, but something has come up that will force me to turn in a “fluff” piece today –


Yup, that’s right, it’s P-A-R-T-Y time!!! My Sweetie and I have been invited to the celebration of one of our best friend’s birthday tonight. So, as they say, duty calls…

I hope you understand – I have to bathe, shave, pick out a “cute outfit” (same goes for my beloved) and then we have to make the trek to party central in Parma. My beloved has had a grueling week at university this past week; work was kinda’ crazy for me, too. In addition, today the Sweetie and I have had a full day already – we got a new “new-to-us” sofa, a new rug AND a new lamp for our TV room and ran some other errands as well. I mean, we need a break… Friends, food, fun and C-A-K-E? Hooray!!!

The “new room” will get installed tomorrow but for tonight? Let the merrymaking begin!

Hope you all have an awesome Saturday! Be back tomorrow!!! 🙂

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