Recipe for a Monday Night

I have to apologize in advance; there is no “traditional recipe” listed here. Instead, it is the recipe for the fun Monday night I had…

All GREAT recipes begin with staple items. For me, that is my beloved Sweetie.

Add to that our dear friend Missy, and one last person we all like: General Tso.

General Tso's Chicken

Now, take those ingredients – me, my sweet boyfriend, Missy, General Tso (plus one Sesame Chicken, two orders of Crab Rangoon and two egg rolls) – and mix together well for 4.5 hours. Add some coffee as the meal comes to an end and VIOLA! – the recipe for a perfect evening…

There is something magic when good friends come together over great food (and really – is there anything better than storefront Chinese?)

I mean, the name “Jackie Chan’s Magic Wok Chinese Take-Out Restaurant” – I am not even kidding – pretty much says it all, am I right?



We had a TON of fun tonight, doing nothing but hanging out, eating Chinese food outta’ boxes and just laughing… Martin and I have agreed that we have to do evenings like this with MUCH more frequency. We have so many dear friends that we rarely see… Expect YOUR invitation soon. But Missy?

We might just have to create a standing monthly date night “IN” with you. xoxo’s

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