Happiness for only $2.99

I was off work today. So, as is our usual habit, my beloved partner Martin and I went to see a movie matinee (the film was good, but not great) then spent the next three and a half hours grocery shopping. We shop at a few different stores (three!) for various savings/specific items in each store – I like it, really, the shopping, but some days it does go a little long… Plus, work has been insane lately, with the impending move “looming” on the horizon/so much to get done.

Anyway, as I entered the third and final store, thankful to be pushing a grocery cart down the last set of aisles, I looked up and saw it – a HUGE smile on my boyfriend’s face, that smile of his that always makes my heart melt and never fails to make me smile. He was just standing there, smiling broadly in the floral department, then he stepped to one side. That’s when I saw them …


Daffodils. The first ones I have seen this season. A whole rack of sunny yellow buttercups. You probably don’t know this but I LOVE Spring flowers – hyacinths and tulips and, most of all, daffodils. I’m not sure why they make me so happy – flowers do in general – but I have always loved daffodils. And to be honest, there was nothing “fancy” about these little guys – they were the common yellow variety, the kind that grows wild in the ditches along the roadside where I grew up. Maybe that why I like daff’s so much – they remind me of my hometown and childhood.

I can clearly remember the side yard at my Aunt Agnes and Uncle Paul’s farm as a child. They had a wishing well – honestly, an actual well with a little peaked roof, no kidding! – in the yard beside the house. Every Spring, the yard where the well stood would be covered with daffodils in every combination and size – it still is. Uncle Paul has passed away but my Aunt Aggie still lives there, and the wishing well still stands in the yard. Every year when I go home at Easter – if I am lucky and the weather cooperates – I get to see that field of sunny yellow and feel like a carefree child again. It is a really nice feeling…

I know we each find happiness and joy in our own way but may I suggest you try daffodils? I cannot think of the last time I spent three bucks and got such a joyful return for the dollar. I mean, “twenty stems of happiness” for only $2.99? You can’t beat it!


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