Goodbye Hoops, Goodbye Yoyo – We’ll Miss You

As so often happens, events can unfold in a split second that can change everything. Such was the case last night; Martin and I had to say goodbye to our two good friends, Hoops and Yoyo…Pic StitchIt all happened so quickly – one minute everything was good, Hoops and Yoyo were OK – just getting a quick wash and rinse before heading into the drying rack, and then? Disaster struck! A loose grip and slippery soap caused the favorite cup to fall to the ground, where it shattered into many pieces… My beloved Martin was crushed – I was, too.

If you don’t know Hoops and Yoyo, these adorable rascals are the creation of Hallmark. These best friends grace cards, tee shirts, bobble heads and lots of other items.upside_down_1152

(click image above to meet Hoops and Yoyo – it is SO cute!)

I sent a lot of Hoops and Yoyo cards to my Angel when he was in Europe and this coffee mug was a surprise gift to brighten his spirits during a particularly long time we were forced to be apart. Hoops and Yoyo went all the way to Poland and came back to me in America, just like my Angel. Hoops and Yoyo have made Martin and I both smile many mornings and many evenings, when we were apart and when we were together.

I know it’s silly to get attached to “things” but I will miss that mug. It will never be replaced in our home, or in our hearts.

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