Here’s to you, VUE, and another 100K!

Today was an awesome day for many reasons – I had a great check-up with my primary care physician, I had an AMAZING “Movie Date” with my beloved Martin (“Oz – The Great and Powerful”? RUN – I mean RUN to see it – FANTASTIC!!!) but the event that really merits celebration today is that my 2006 Saturn VUE and I celebrated our 100,000th mile together.

Yes, 100K – roughly the equivalent of driving back and forth across America 33.4 times, east coast to west coast. 33.4 times… The. VUE. Rocks.

Saturn Vue

That car has been with me through happy and sad times – it has taken Martin and I on some fun adventures and sometimes so not-so-fun ones. But it has NEVER let us down. The VUE has been – and I hope it will continue to be – an awesome car…

While the image above isn’t our car, it looks exactly like it (we have aluminum wheel covers – we opted for an exterior upgrade package, LOL!)  It is only the SECOND new car I have ever owned (The first? A red 1980 Cougar XR-7 like this one)


The Cougar lived an unhappy life; two accidents (one major), three auto break-ins and, probably the saddest thing – me, an owner that never took care of it. I was the worst. I only “fixed” things once they broke; I mean, I think the Cougar had three oil changes in its entire, sad life… I PROMISED myself things would change when I got the VUE, and they did…

The VUE has never gone more than 3000 miles between oil changes. I routinely replace air filters and other filters I didn’t even know existed prior to owning this car. When Saturn dealerships still existed, I followed the scheduled maintenance plan to the letter. Now that Saturn has closed up shop, the Firestone Service Center sees me often. If I may offer some unsolicited automotive advice here, do preventative maintenance on your car – it is MUCH less expensive than “…necessary car repairs.”

I know many people would start looking at news cars once their ride hit 100K – me, I feel like the VUE and are are finally comfortable with one another. After almost seven model years, I FINALLY have my seat adjusted “just right.” The VUE is still in kick-ass shape – and I don’t think it looks too dated. Sure, maybe it’s a “soccer Mom car” but you know what? I haven’t had a $400/month car payment in almost two years.

Yup, to be honest, I am really looking forward to the NEXT 100K miles…

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