Random Art or Coded Messages from Extraterrestrials?

I guess it has been around for a couple of years but today was the first day I ever encountered images of it – Roomba art. Yes, art produced by Roombas, those automatic robot vacuum devices that you just “…turn on and Roomba does the work for you!” (Roomba’s words, not mine). It seems that by attaching LED lights to a Roomba and taking long-exposure photography of its “random” vacuuming pattern, a form of contemporary art is produced.

Here is just one example – if you “Google” Roomba art, there are a number of sites listed where you can view many other examples.


I personally think the image above is beautiful, and it is all the more so when you think that it was the result of some “random” happening – or was it?

I find the image above oddly – and uncomfortably – reminiscent of this image:

crop circle

I mean, it made me ask myself – “Is it possible that advanced life forms are trying to communicate with us via battery-operated floor vacuums?” To me, it makes sense; in every sci-fi film where the world has been overtaken by machines (Terminator, anyone?), the “robots” always begin as companions and/or conveniences that make human life easier, then ultimately the machines get smarter than us and take over the world. We always wind up living underground, wearing linsey-woolsey clothing and sneaking “topside” for supplies. The Matrix. Eagle Eye. I, Robot – need more examples?

I am no doomsday guy but listen – if you have a Roomba, I’d seriously watch it when it thinks you have left the room. I worry that the invasion is near. 🙂

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