“The (Never-Ending) Next” List

Some days, it all feels like a little too much – you know what I mean? For me, a LOT of days feel like that lately – I am closing my business at its current location, moving it/re-opening in a new location, I have clients to keep happy during the transition, I have my business partner to keep happy during the transition, I have my beloved Martin to keep happy during the transition plus Easter is coming and I have not one but TWO new babies on the way (one new niece, one new nephew). While each of those things are maybe OK alone, put them all together and it all gets to be a bit much. In fact, the word insurmountable comes to mind…

I know everything will be fine, and that I am my one worst tormentor. I also know a lot of what’s happening for me right now is taking place in here:

Brain parts

Listen, I know the brain is a very complex organ and that this diagram is pretty basic but still, no matter how many times I have gone over it, I cannot pinpoint the exact location in the brain where this is located: SwitchI think I need to flip my brain switch to the “OFF” position for a day or so. My head needs a B-R-E-A-K. However, as a small business owner, there ARE no “breaks.” You have to be on all the time, thinking always about “The Next:”

The next sale. The next store promotion. The next design client. The next bill due. The next ad to be submitted. The next business card order. The next Facebook post. The next client special order. The next email blast. The next damage claim to be filed. The next website update. The next stock order to be placed. The next vendor price increase. The next time to vacuum the studio. The next inventory to be taken. The next store price change that is necessary. The “next’s” seem endless sometimes.

I do know everything will get done.  And I accept that I will probably be facing “The Next” for many years to come. I do sometimes wish, however, that it really were possible to simply click your brain off and just “be” for an hour, or a day or two.

Thank The Universe for Martin, all my friends, my business partner and my guardian angels. Until I can figure out a way to “power down,” at least I have all those special people to help me chill out. Well, all these special people and chocolate.

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