A Day for New Beginnings…

Today was a really significant day for me for two reasons, both involving new beginnings and my beloved Martin.

Today was the first day of the “migration” of the store I co-own, duoHOME, to our new location in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My business partner Scott and I had planned on masking off areas in our new store in anticipation of spray painting the interior of the new space later this week AND we had also planned on beginning to pack up all the loose merchandise at our former storefront to get ready for “The Move.” My beloved Martin was a HUGE help today and we got SO. MUCH. DONE. I mean, he is SO speedy…

Anyway, were it not for Martin AND Scott (my business partner), I’d STILL be there, masking over fluorescent light boxes.  We still have a lot to do but our old store is all-but-packed; we just need to truck it across town now.

The other new beginning was the birth of Martin’s FIRST biological niece. I am lucky to have seven nieces and nephews, and they all love and treat/respect my Sweetie just like an uncle but today his brother and sister-in-law delivered their first baby.  She is healthy and happy and SO beautiful. The parents have asked Martin to be her Godfather and he could not be happier…

I won’t steal any of my Sweetie’s joy by talking too much about the baby but I’m sure we will hear a LOT about her in the future.

So today I was doubly-blessed with two great events, two new beginnings. Both happenings hold a future full of promise for me and my Sweetie and I could not have been happier today. Thank you, Universe, for an AMAZING Monday.

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