Balance in The Universe?

As GREAT as yesterday was, as always, it seems that joy was replaced today by trial. I have to confess, as much happiness and joy as people can deliver, it seems that they can just as easily act like asses and disappoint/just generally let me down.

I received some not-unexpected-but-disappointing news today that shows the petty, unforgiving nature that we humans sometimes (all to often?) display. It doesn’t matter what the actual details are; let it just suffice to say that certain people/corporations/organizations have memories less than thirty days long. Sixty-four months of support, integrity and loyalty mean NOTHING when it comes down to dollars and cents.

I think that sucks… It makes me feel like doing this to some people:

 BTW, that’s me on the left, delivering a mean sucker punch.

It remains to be seen what will come of all this but to be honest, it hurts to be treated this way after years of trying to be an upright, “by-the-book” kinda’ guy. I have no doubt that everything will “work out” but the annoyance of it all – at the moment – negates all the positive, joyous events in my life. Or does it?

Screw them. If “they” want a fight, they picked the wrong guy.

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