Isolation Tank

All my life I have wanted to experience a session in an isolation tank (sometimes called sensory deprivation tanks), not really to be isolated but to experience “floatation therapy.” The latest research suggests that “…floatation therapy is one of the few noninvasive techniques available to manage stress when it is a factor in reducing a person’s ability to cope with normal life.”

I could use some assistance with managing stress in my “normal” life of late. I have a LOT going on – all good – but a LOT.  I want to crawl in one of these…


…close the lid and experience dark, beautiful, silent stillness – mind AND body – for a while. Listen, don’t get me wrong – all that is going on now in my life is definitely all good stuff but still – a LOT is a LOT. I’d like a break, even if only for an hour or so, to feel relatively motionless and weightless, like this…

I mean, I have always loved being at the ocean, floating among the waves with my ears just below the water line, my eyes closed, becoming one with the largest living “thing” on the planet, the ocean. There is something calming and soothing about water for me. I love the sound of water running in the sink. I like rain. Heck, sometimes I just sit in the shower in my bathroom with the door closed, the lights off, the hot water beating down on me, the “noise” of life closed off by the sound of rushing water. It’s really nice – give it a try.

Sigh… I suspect it may be a while before I get my floatation session. In the meantime, I think I will go draw a really hot bath and do my best to float in my tub. It may be a poor man’s excuse but today, it will be a welcome retreat…


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