Dem Bones, Dem bones, Dem SORE Bones

According to the internet, the adult male human body has a skeleton comprised of 206 bones. Two. Hundred. Six. Today, all of mine A-C-H-E…SkeletonFor people who follow my blog, you remember I am currently moving my interior design and home furnishing and accessory boutique business to a new location and, so far, it has been exhausting… I mean, I shouldn’t complain.

My partner, Martin and my business partner, Scott, have been pretty-much killing themselves almost daily this past week, and for that I am very thankful (not about their near-death moments but because of all of their help). I have tried to be as much help as I can but, to be honest, I am not too “handy,” nor am I very “mechanical” or even very “strong.” I like to think I am relatively charming, and that is certainly a talent that comes in handy but I am no musclebound hunk or any sort of three-handed handyman. So, I contribute what I can and hope it is enough…

However, the question still remains: Why am I so tired?


Clearly, I am no “spring chicken” anymore but, OMG, it seems like just THINKING about working makes me tired… Thank God for Martin and Scott. If we all live through this move, I vow to get in better shape. Plus – if the move turns out to be as profitable as I hope/dream/pray it is, I can even hire a personal trainer. Woohoo!

Please cross your fingers – only NINE days till our re-opening. Or, as I like to think of it, 206 x 9 MORE aches and pains.  🙂

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