Tim vs. The Cold Sore; score – Tim 0, Cold Sore 1

I have been pretty healthy my whole life. (OK, the whole prostate cancer “thing” last year maybe challenges that notion, but…) I have been lucky, so lucky in fact that I am really kinda’ stupid about what to do when I am faced with an illness. This week is a perfect example.

I have never had a cold sore or fever blister in my entire fifty-four plus years of life – UNTIL this week. Triggered (I think) by work-related stress, on Monday my lip felt sore and a little itchy, and I thought I saw a “bump” starting there. So, I freaked out, vain creature that I am, and began “Abreva-ing” the hell outta’ my lip. Like hella’ medicating. I mean, I applied Abreva to my suspected “site” probably every hour on the hour; in fact, I woke up twice during the night to re-apply the cream.

AbrevaAnyway, as a result of three days of overzealous Abreva application, I still have a bump on my lip but I think it is the result of aggressively attacking my suspected cold sore. I mean, I think it is like a chemical burn or something. This is what my lip looks like today (warning – the following image is NOT for the squeamish):

photoSo, as you can see, in spite of my most focused and best treatment efforts, I STILL have a big, red bump on my bottom lip. STILL. Sadly, the photo also shows that I could use a shave and beard trim, LOL!

I know that spot/bump will go away and I know that, even though I think it looks like an irritated tangerine has taken up residence on my lip, it is really not even all that noticeable. That said, every time I passed a mirror today I checked it out and tried to convince myself it was A). smaller, and B). less red and irritated-looking. Sigh…

Maybe next time I’ll just ride it out – if there even IS a next time. OMG, what am I saying? I am so stressed out now about how it looks I anticipate another “outbreak” very soon. Please, help me. Someone. Please?  😉

One response to “Tim vs. The Cold Sore; score – Tim 0, Cold Sore 1

  1. Well – that was brilliantly written – and i do hope your sore is gone as it is 5 years hence. I appear to hv the same issue… altho it looks EXACTLY like yours and I’ve NEVER ever had a cold sore in my 54 yrs either… so i am somewhat doubting it is a cold sore.
    Loved your vanity!

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