Baby Bibb Murdered!

Living Lettuce banner

Apparently, this item has been available/on the market for a few years now; however, I have only recently noticed “living lettuce” in the store my Sweetie and I frequent for produce. Living. Lettuce. 

And what is that exactly?

According to an article in The Chicago Tribune from 2006 (see, I knew Cleveland was behind the times on this), “Living lettuce is the next best thing to having a garden in your fridge. Typically packaged in a plastic container, the lettuce is typically grown in a greenhouse and sold with its roots intact, letting moisture and nutrients continue to supply nourishment.”

The article goes on to further state, “The consumer seems to forget that as soon as a product is harvested, it’s dying,” said Bob Scaman, president of Goodness Greeness, a Midwest distributor of organic produce based in Chicago. “This product is alive and will continue to grow.” 

Living Lettuce head

This product is ALIVEEwwwww. That means when Martin and I make a salad using “living lettuce,” we are MURDERERS. I’m not sure if I am comfortable with that, despite the freshness factor. I do not know if I can live with the blood of dozens of heads of lettuce on my hands in the pursuit of healthy living. I mean, it makes me feel like veggie zombie or something, tearing leaves from a “living lettuce” head to make a salad.

What the Heck?




I mean, who needs that guilt? Listen, I barely like eating salads as it is; let’s leave the “lettuce terminations” to the grocer. I just want to drown it all in some delicious Caesar dressing, add some croutons and enjoy it, without having to deal with the issues of vegetable euthanasia.

Rectangular cello boxes of pre-washed, pre-mixed and (apparently) already dead spring baby greens?

I’m coming for you…


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