Great Expectations – Five (5!) Projects in Process

Like most of us, I am REALLY good at imagining projects and goals that I want to undertake/accomplish/achieve. However, like most of humanity, I am really good at the “conceiving/conceptualizing” part and really BAD at the “follow-through/completion” part.

In no particular order, here are five of my current personal “in-the-works” projects and/or undertakings that are all in some stage of their evolution…

Goal 1  – Losing weight/getting healthier/living longer – Green Healthy Living Apple Illustration on white background.Success so far – since joining Weight Watchers (almost two years ago), I have lost 28.4 pounds. I am also eating much healthier – thanks, Sweetie! – and exercising with a bit more regularity. In fact, I walked to work twice last week, a distance of 2.3 miles each trip!

Goal 2 – Write the next “Harry Potter/Twilight/50 Shades of Grey” – blank-journalSo I have a “tween-y” book concept outlined in my head already: characters, back story, plot, plot twist, story arc (I’m thinking a trilogy!) – almost everything I need. I am still struggling to create the “antagonist(s)” and am also having a bit of a hard time just getting started. I understand now why writers in movies always “go away” to write; it takes focus, time and a lot of energy. In my defense, however, I will soon have posted one hundred (100!) consecutive, daily blog posts, so that must count for something, right?

Goal 3Become an uber-successful interior designer – 

FabulousI have been working within the A + D (architecture and design) community for almost 25 years now. We just moved the duoHOME storefront and design office to one of Cleveland’s more upscale suburbs so I am hoping that this formula works:

(New location + Continued Hard Work) x Bustin’ Ass = SUCCESS!!! 

Goal 4 – Achieve marriage equality in America/repeal DOMA ASAP – 

weddingI am blessed to be with the greatest guy I have ever known. I want to marry him – and not some cheap ass, watered-down version of marriage. I want the full-blown, 1,138 legal rights and privileges afforded couples by marriage. I want us to be treated in every single nuanced way that our heterosexual brothers and sisters are treated when they get married – with respect, dignity and kindness.

Goal 5I want to live forever… 

universeOK, so I’ll concede that this is probably the least attainable goal  but it is a goal nonetheless. I mean, I have already shared I am with the greatest person ever – I kinda’ hope to have endless time with him. I also have a lot of “stuff” left to do. Plus, I just heard a TV program state that time is only an invention of the human mind, as a means to catalog and record events as they happen, to help us remember… I am going to do my best to prove that that idea is correct.

And I am going to keep working on this list as hard as I can.

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