100 Hundred Days

Congratulations to me, I guess. This is my 100th consecutive blog post. 100 days of sharing and rambling and pontificating and wondering…

100 Days

I’m not really sure what I expected to happen today – I guess maybe I thought something really super significant would mark this day, the occasion of my 100th blog post. At first I was a bit disappointed that nothing super out-of-the-ordinary had happened as I sat down to write this but then, as I began recalling the events of the preceding 24 hours, I realized it had been 24 hours full of joy and celebrations, some significant and some not so much, but all joys nonetheless…

Approximately 24 hours ago, my eldest niece gave birth to her first child, a handsome son named Emmitt. He is my first great nephew and I joke with everyone that now I truly am – by definition – a GREAT uncle. I fell asleep last night filled with joy and happiness about Emmitt’s arrival, so happy that he was healthy and beautiful and has two parents that love him even more than they love one another.

Oh, and he has at least TWO great uncles, me and My Sweetie.

I was OFF work today so I had the luxury of sleeping in, waking up (finally) about 9:10AM beside the love of my life. That is a great joy for me daily and I never, ever take that for granted or not acknowledge how lucky we are to be together. We both exercised in the (late) morning, shared some coffee and I went for a visit to my therapist.


I have been seeing my therapist for several years – I see her every other week for 90 minutes. She is more of a New Age Life Coach/Spiritual Guide/Soul Healer than a traditional “shrink.” Anyway, she is AWESOME and helps me keep balance in my life.

On the way home, I grabbed a quick fast food bite for me and my Sweetie, then we actually took a 30 minute nap, holding each other on the sofa in our TV room.

It was energizing and fantastic.


After we woke up, we got ready to go to a friend’s house for dinner, a great couple with two lovely children. It was nice to have a home-cooked “Mom” meal and to be in the company of both friends and children. Children remind me that all our “grown-up” worries are nothing compared to the trials of Algebra or the next Language Arts assignment (apparently, what I called English is now known as “language arts” – I’m not sure and was too embarrassed to ask, LOL!) Now I am home with my guy, who is patiently waiting as I churn out this post.

Today has been an exceptional day. Happy 100th Post to me, and thank you all for celebrating with me…

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