A GOOSE! Duck, duck – duck!!!

Recently I have been walking to work a few days a week. I like it. It is a gorgeous walk, through an historic neighborhood with wide streets and old growth trees, 2.03 miles (according to Mapquest) of stately Tudor mini-mansions, as well as a former private estate turned private girls school and, believe it or not, a cloister of Carmelite nuns. Along the way I also pass through a series of lakes and pass the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, a protected wetland park.


Normally, the walk is pretty peaceful – beautiful, even – and rather uneventful. Sure I see lots of wildlife, especially near the nature center: squirrels, cranes, koi (someone released them into the lakes and they are HUGE), turtles, frogs, a pair of swans and geese. Canadian geese. Lots of them. Canadian Geese, the evil and aggressive waterfowl the size of a sturdy preschooler. Normally, we peacefully co-exist. But today – actually tonight – things almost got rough…

Today I not only walked to work, I also walked home from work (bully for me, right?)  My Sweetie had a ridiculous schedule today and, well, he’s still not home even as I am writing this.  Anyway, I decided to walk home.  The weather was cool and there was a slight drizzle but, armed with my giant golf umbrella and my I’m-a-giant-first grader rain coat (not even kidding, I totally look like Paddington Bear in it!), I started walking home…

Pluszaki Rainbow Designs Paddington Bear 38 cm Paddington with Suitcase

(My raincoat is blue, and I don’t have the hat but I DO have a smart man purse!)

Anyway, I was booking home about 7:30P, walking under my umbrella in the light mist, just plodding along and enjoying the smell of wet earth and fresh, clean air, looking at what seemed like a bahjillion earthworms squiggling along on the sidewalk (what IS it with worms and rain?) and then I saw them and froze in my tracks  – The Gauntlet of Evil Geese…

Canadian-Goose(click image above to learn more about these “dirty birds”)

Standing defiantly in pairs, there were eight of these loud, vicious “honkers” standing along both sides of the sidewalk, two pairs to a side. I think they might getting ready to nest as it seemed they were all more interested in making noise at each other than paying attention to me. But, it was a but unnerving nonetheless, navigating what I suspect was probably over 100 pounds of hormonally-charged feathered bullies, all just “lookin’ fer a fight.” 

I steadied myself, raised my umbrella high and walked straight down between the two rows of four birds. They got louder but no one moved. They let me pass unscathed.

As I was walking, I kinda’ laughed to myself, thinking about the children’s game “Duck Duck Goose” – you know the one. It’s the game where children all sit in a circle and whomever is “It” touches each child on the head, saying “duck, duck, duck” then “GOOSE.” The goose-d player jumps up and tries to catch and tag whomever is it before they reach the goose-d player’s empty spot and make them “it.” I must have played that game hundreds of times as a child but, now suddenly, I felt like I was playing the “adult” version.

For me, it was more like, “Duck (hide), duck (hide), duck (hide) – a GOOSE!!! RUN!!!”

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