I must confess, lately my life has felt a lot like these images:

Vintage hamster wheel

Penrose Stairs

Perpetual Motion Machine - Wheel

It seems that every day I wake up with the best of intentions to get “it” done – whatever “it” is that day – and, by the end of the day, not only is my list still not completed, it seems that for every task I have crossed off the list, one or two more have been created to take their place. Ugh…

Listen, I have been around a while so I know that everything will get done in due time but lately I have been obsessing a bit about how long everything is taking, everything from getting duoHOME completely finished (we still have wallpaper that needs to be hung, door frames that need to be painted and a ceiling full of chandeliers that still don’t light) to repealing DOMA/passing UAFA (the Uniting American Families Act) and passing CIR – comprehensive (meaning gay and lesbian-inclusive) immigration reform. On top of those lofty ambitions, there is laundry and grocery shopping, mailing a gift to my new great nephew Emmitt, meditating, making sure my significant other knows how much he means to me, and more. Sometimes I wish every day were 36 hours long but, even then, it probably wouldn’t be enough…

I have a three-day weekend coming up. I mean, I have some work to do at home for work but, otherwise, I hope to simply “do nothing,” pamper and be pampered by my Angel and just recharge. Who knows? Maybe “The List” will make more sense when viewed after two or three days of not thinking about it. Wish me luck!

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