Tie-ing It All Together

I was off work today, so my Sweetie and I had the chance to go shopping. We haven’t really been shopping since the December holidays so it was a nice treat. Today we were shopping for two particular items – a collared dress shirt and a tie to bring a look “together.”

Woven pattern ties

(for tips on selecting and buying a quality necktie, please click image above)

I have always loved ties, despite the fact that I have a neck as thick as any professional wrestler. I think that for the most part, men’s clothing is pretty uninspiring – pants, shirts, shorts, suits, jackets, the whole lot is fairly basic. Even the most expensive “designer duds” are usually set apart by fabric choice or garment cut. Most men’s fabrics are fairly standard – wools, twills, tweeds, cotton, linen, all usually solid or, if we are lucky, a strip or plaid. Then there are ties…

Glorious, multi-colored, patterned fabrics around our throats.

Ties are for men what scarves are for women – THE accessory that can make two or three totally unrelated articles of clothing look like a well-conceived “outfit,” if chosen correctly. I mean, you can wear a red jacket, a pale lavender shirt and brown cords and – if you have on the correct tie – it looks like some designer dressed you. That was our mission today, me and my Sweetie: finding the “correct” tie to complete a look for his upcoming awards luncheon and a wedding later this summer.

Nine ties

(for a brief history of neckties, please click the image above)

My Angel is sometimes a bit challenging to shop with; he and I have different opinions on clothing and fit (he is youthful, fit and stylish; I am “fluffier” and would be happy to live the rest of my life in sweats) but we do have fairly similar tastes in ties. For me, ties should always be woven and silk – sometimes I will let a knit tie “slide by” if the color is cool enough.

I. Hate. Printed. Ties. Hate.

Anyway, as so often happens, we set out to find one thing (the perfect tie) and, in the process, also picked up a couple of other things (a pair of shoes and an awesome dress shirt). My SBF and I are both super off-price/sale shoppers so we did really, really well today.

When we got home, I was treated to my own personal mini runway show, with the most handsome male model ever. While the shirt and tie are fantastic, we are reconsidering the sport coat. It looks good but I want my Beloved to look great – he deserves it. Plus, I get to live vicariously through his fashion expression, all from the comfort of my elastic-waist pants…

To the inventor of the drawstring waistband, I say “Thank You.”  

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