Another One Bites the Dust…

I have to say, my beloved is perfect in virtually every way but he does seem to be having a bit of a bad run with our coffee cup collection lately. Here is today’s latest casualty…

Broken B&F 2003 Mug(to hear Queen, “Another One Bites the Dust,” click above)

So yeah, for those keeping track, that’s two mugs in roughly thirty days (we “lost” Hoops & Yoyo on 09 March 2013). This time, it was our 2003  Brunschwig & Fils “collector” mug in cornflower blue. For those unaware, B & F is a venerable textile house that (at least use to) give away coffee mugs every year in their “new” featured color. This one simply split in half as my Sweetie was wiping off the bottom to put it away. I suspect a decade of cabinet knocks and heavy placement into the dish rack produced some stress cracks in the cup not visible to the naked eye. Anyway, it broke and my Angel seemed kinda’ upset.

I told him not to be sad; we have like three dozen coffee cups. I think he was sad mostly because this was “my” cup that paired with “his” 1993 B&F cup in “coral berry.” My Sweetie is adorably sentimental about stuff like that…

I long ago learned that things are just that – things. It made me more upset to see my Angel sad that the silly mug had broken. I gave him a hug and told him to forget about it. I suspect this weekend we might go buy a new “pair of mugs” for our coffee times together. I’d like that…


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