The Numbers Are In

I hate to sound too proud but today was a milestone in my blogging career.

With 105 consecutive posts under my belt, today five – a blog received its 2000th view! HOORAY!!! Thank you all for supporting my humble effort to both explore writing and share my daily life experiences.


Here are some additional facts I found interesting. My blog has been visited by people from thirty-four (34) different countries all around the world. Thirty. Four. Gosh, that alone is very humbling for me. It stands to reason that the most visitors were from the US, but in second place is Japan (“I am big in Japan, LOL!”), followed by Canada in third place. I am also thrilled to share that my mundane entries have been viewed in countries as diverse as Croatia, the Russian Federation, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and even Madagascar (although, to be honest, that is probably my friend Franck, but he does live in Madagascar).


I kinda’ found these numbers intriguing: Of all the topics I have written about, my top four (4) search tags are gay, favorite things, relationships and life partner. I guess that clearly demonstrates what is important to both you and me, since these are my most oft-used and most-searched tags (plus, my Sweetie is DEFINITELY my favorite in every category).


The single, MOST-viewed post on my blog? My post celebrating the one year anniversary of the end of my radiation treatments for prostate cancer.

So, what I have “gleaned” from this numerical reckoning? Simply that what matters most to me, matters. That while the world seems very big, in reality it is not that large at all. And finally, while my life seems different than what I imagine the lives of others to be, it appears we are all much more connected and much more similar than I ever thought…

Thanks for the lessons, five – here’s to our next 2000 “hits.”

One last note –  a very special thanks to my beloved MSW who encourages me to write every day, suffers in silence as I do and inspires and loves me every single day.

He. Is. Awesome.


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