Happiness Update: Plan B

Today was better, but I am still frustrated and angry.

I know that anger is a useless emotion but it is still there. My therapist always tells me that I need to acknowledge my feelings, honor the emotion, breathe deeply, live there in that moment then move forward. I am trying…

clouds above

I walked to work again today – 2.03 miles, under sunny skies, and tried to clear my mind of all worldly worries and just connect back with The Universe and see what its plan is for me and my love. Sometimes it just takes looking at a situation from a different angle to see it in a new perspective.


Regrettably, I discovered that even though a new plan may be revealed, it may not be any better than the original. At least I went through the mental gymanstics of it all…

I have resolved, however, that apathy and anger are unacceptable for me in the long term picture. My goal is to work to downgrade my anger to frustration and re-focus and re-direct all that emotional energy into a new direction, one (hopefully) much more positive and productive. I will say this though – there is an old saying in my family that goes, “My patience is short but my memory is very L-O-N-G.” We also always say, “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me…”

85497545_EC6byOb1_cI plan on becoming even more outspoken and vocal in my demand for the rights and accommodations my beloved and I – and about 36,000 others – are being denied. I am tired of biding my time, patiently waiting to be thrown some rights, like scraps off a dinner table. I WILL be heard…



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