Freezer Burn (The New Avengers Flick!)

Today my beloved and I went to an open casting call for extras for the new Avengers movie, tentatively entitled “Freezer Burn,” that will be filming segments here in Cleveland in the coming months. The directions stated the following: “Applications accepted 10A till 3P, professional attire, bring a pen. No early line ups.” That all seems pretty simple, right?

So, Martin and I entered the line at 10:21 AM, behind what I am guess-timating to be over 1000 people. Clearly some people lined up early. We waited in line for over four hours outside, in freezing rain and tornado force winds. Once inside, we waited an additional 40 minutes before being cattle called into a room to hear five minutes of instructions. We then filled out a piece of paper with about fifteen questions and had our picture taken. It was fun (mostly) and I am glad we did it, especially together, but it made me question the ability of most people to follow directions…

First was the line; I mean, there was simply no way that many people could have even PARKED in 21 minutes and gotten in line. It was like those amusements park rides, only without the “You-have-a-four-hour-wait-from-this-point” signs. I was afraid I would have to “go potty” way before it was over; thankfully, my bladder did me proud.

line(I WISH it had been this warm and sunny in line today!)

Next, the attire. Now I am no clothes horse, or any sort of male super model but “professional attire” suggests (at least to me) ties and dress shirts for guys and blouses and slacks for the ladies – at a MINIMUM. I have to say, I have never seen so many poorly dressed people gathered in one place. I was actually a little embarrassed for our city; I’m not sure that sweat pants and graphic tees qualify as professional attire.

badly-dressed-people-72044693 (1)(I’m sorry, Monsieur Gaultier – I disagree!)

Finally, bring a pen. The instructions weren’t “Bring your original birth certificate” or “Bring a recent blood sample” – it was “Bring a pen.” Is that hard?

pens(Everybody has “this” drawer at their house, am I right?)

Anyway, all in all, it was a fun experience, and something to cross off my “Bucket List.” I hope we both get calls; it won’t be any fun doing it without sharing the experience together. I’ll keep you posted; who knows, in a movie coming to theaters soon, my Sweetie and I might appear in the closing credits as “Handsome Man with Tie” and “Chubby Guy with Beard” – stay tuned!!!

the end(Wish me luck – “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”)



5 responses to “Freezer Burn (The New Avengers Flick!)

  1. I was there that day, too. Loved the barrels of broken umbrellas at the door; crazy day. Have you heard back whether or not you’ve been selected as an extra?

    • Hi Susan!

      I have not heard a word back yet but my “peeps” that were extras in the previous Avengers movie said they got e-mails like the day before the shoot (I suppose it helps keep down the crowd of on-lookers the day of shooting). Good luck! Hope to “see” you there!

  2. Hey, I was there! Ah, man, it was good thing I hairsprayed the hell out of my hair because it was rainy and windy the entire time I was there lol I showed up around 8 AM and they started moving the line early so I waited about an hour and half and I was in the first batch. Despite the occasional guy with a creepy pickup line, it was a blast!

    Hope you guys get an email, and good luck!

    • Hi Mia!

      Thanks for the note. I totally ubnderstand the “creepy guy” thing – these college boys in line ahead of us hit on every woman that come within three feet of them for four hours. It was painful to watch (they were kinda’ nerdy, LOL!) Hope you “get the call,” too! See you “on set!” 🙂

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