Empty Plate and Flower Petals

For the first time today in WEEKS/MONTHS, I honestly had nothing that had to be done… No deadline to meet, no project due, nothing. It was an “empty plate” day…

empty plate

That said, the day definitely had some high points:

1). Slept in till almost 9AM (a BIG luxury for me).

2). Woke up with the love of my life. Always a dream come true.

3). Went grocery shopping with my SBF – four stores in four hours. I like shopping. It doesn’t matter what I am shopping for, LOL, I just like shopping.

4). Indulged/enjoyed a delicious McWrap with my Sweetie for lunch. Yum.

5). Back home by 3PM; in my PJ’s since 3:05PM. Probably going to bed at 11PM (or sooner).

All in all, it has been a fantastic day of nothingness, one long-overdue, long-needed and one much-appreciated. Sometime I just need a day to re-center, catch my spiritual and emotional “breath” and re-group/re-charge a bit. Today was one of those days…

The day was one of many special small moments, none significant but all great. Probably the nicest part of today was scoring three huge yellow Gerbera daisies at the grocery for like two-fifty. They are sunny and big and beautiful.

Gerbera DaisyI think Gerbera daisies are probably one of my most favorite flowers – they always make me smile. And they make Martin smile, which always makes me smile, too…


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