Question – “Why?”

Periodically, events happen that simply make me ask The Universe, “Why?” 

question marksOne of those events happened today and touched my life. It is a bit personal and private so I won’t go into details (my Sweetie and I are OK, BTW) but it is one of those WTF moments that happen in life that make me question, “Why?”

I have always struggled a bit with faith and happenings like this never do anything to bolster my belief. That said, in order to maintain sanity and overcome sadness, I have learned to accept that sometimes things happen that I cannot understand, or maybe do not have the capacity to understand. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to “make sense” of everything – that is in our human nature – but still, some things make my heart heavy and sad. Things like pets crushed on the road, children being diagnosed with cancer, random acts of violence and seemingly senseless loss of life. These all make me sad, and angry and frustrated by “faith.”

Still, the alternative – giving into darkness and having no faith – is even more soul crushing to me. So, I try and accept events as they happen, understand what I can, recognize and honor my feelings of sadness of hurt and then move along. It sounds a bit callous but it isn’t meant to be. I think each of us must make the choice to see joy where there is sadness, beauty where there is ugliness and hope when it seems there is no hope left…

My heart goes out today for people I have never met and one person very close to me. I hope the light will return for each of them soon.


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