Design Inspiration from Nature

As an interior designer, I am inspired by the work of many celebrated designers and architects. These men and women craft ideas into being, make whimsy take physical shape, take ideas and dreams and make them real. Often they produce products, rooms and buildings that take my breath away – I ask myself, “Where did that come from?” or “How did they think of that?” Certainly one of my personal heroes is world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Mr. Gehry has been credited for transforming the discipline of architect into the creation of public art. His talent is seen around the world, and his use of computers to bend and manipulate space and buildings has made him a design god for me.

I first noticed his work when he produced a series of “fish lamps.” I have always loved the shape and movement of fish and his fish lamps captivated me…

frank-gehry-fishI looked at these lamps and wondered, “How can that man translate such simple materials into such things of beauty? How did he imagine that texture?”

I will never own a fish lamp – they are rare and pretty-much the stuff of museums now. But the “scales” he fabricated have always haunted me. I mean, where had I seen that before? Why did it “feel” so familiar to me? This is one of those questions that has been clunking around in my head for a number of years. Then I remembered; I remembered how/where I saw that texture.

Growing up at my house, every Sunday night was Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” night. My father LOVED that show and we watched it faithfully every week. It was the show where I saw my first “stampede.” It was the hour I first saw the sky “dark” from bird migrations. And it was the show that introduced me to all of nature’s “oddities:” the duck-billed platypus, the narwhal and the pangolin. The pangolin – surely THAT is what inspired Frank Gehry, not some koi or regular fish. I mean, look at the pangolin’s armor…

PangolinThis rare and exotic creature has to be the inspiration, right? Anyway, I think it is…

Clients ask me all the time what inspires me, and how I decided to become an interior designer; maybe I should thank nature, my Dad and Marlin Perkins.


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