Reverse Application

Lately I have been more than a bit discouraged by the “behavior” of America. I guess that, as a gay man, I am tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in so many areas – marriage equality, immigration law, employment protections – the list goes on and on. I mean, it is a fairly well-known fact that by being denied marriage equality in America, my partner and I are denied 1,138 rights and protections “the straights” get. Listen, I love my straight friends but you all have to kick it in and get me the same treatment that you all get. Please…

So, as a “Plan B,” I would like someone with some mad Adobe or Photo Shop skills to modify this generic application for me:

ApplicationWhat I would like is an application that countries submit to ME, “applying” for me to move there with my partner. I mean, here’s the package they are competing for – two committed, dedicated partners, both well-educated (one a Master’s Degree, one with almost four decades of business acumen, with several “lumps” of college thrown in for good measure), one a small business owner, both with strong entrepreneurial skills, no criminal records, above average health, above average IQ’s and a strong desire to “belong” to a culture and country that both recognizes us as a couple/appreciates us as individuals.

Minimum qualifications for countries “applying” for our immigration: We want no special rights or privileges but demand each and every one be applied to us the same as all other citizens. Politicians actually working FOR the populace would be ideal. Oh, and a nice, temperate climate is preferred but negotiable.

America? I have always done my best to fulfill my end of the bargain; I have been a contributing, compassionate and loyal member of society all my life. Now I need you to fulfill YOUR end, and give me – and tens of thousands of other CITIZENS just like me – the fair and equal treatment you promise…

Otherwise, I will forced to begin accepting applications. CYlater


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