A New Business Idea

Yesterday, my beloved partner and I attended an awards luncheon at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio – more on that at a later date. It was a frickin’ fantastic day, and I am really so very proud of my SBF for the award he received. That said, it was a luncheon – at the Statehouse – with politicians and presentations and speeches. So, for me, that invitation/event meant I had to wear a suit…

Let me be very clear – I am not now, nor have I ever been, a “suit.”  


In the forty years I have been working , I have worn more than a few uniforms, sometimes a blazer, many times “dress shirt, tie and slacks” but I have NEVER had to wear a suit every day. Like a lot of men (I suppose), I have but ONE suit, my all-purpose, dark charcoal gray, four-season wool suit. I bought this suit probably more than five years ago, expressly to wear to the commitment ceremony of my two best friends. I had a “speaking part” in the ceremony so I felt I had to look awesome (and I did!) That suit was the most money I had ever spent on clothes for any event – I mean, I even paid $95.00 for an extra-long silk tie!

THE suit has served me well – it saw me through the commitment ceremony, covered me as I emcee’d the regional ASID Awards program, comforted me as I buried my favorite aunt, my grandmother, my Mom and my older sister (it’s been a rough past few years!) and probably a few other occasions.  It would seem that I have the cost of that outfit averaged out to about $100.00 per wearing – I factor in dry cleaning. So, again, yesterday, I went to put on my “suit” and go to the luncheon and celebrate.

Here’s the thing – since I bought that suit, I have lost probably close to forty pounds. It kinda’ fits like this now:

Big suit

(Click image above for tips on fitting a suit from Esquire Magazine)

I mean, I didn’t look quite THAT lost in it, but it definitely is too big now in every dimension. HOORAY! for me and Weight Watchers, BOO! for spending hundreds more on clothes I rarely use and really don’t even like.

It made me think: “Why can’t there be a place that rents suits to men who never wear suits, just like we rent tuxedos for formal events?”

Do such places exist? I mean, I think there are websites where women can lease handbags and wedding dresses, so why aren’t there places where guys can rent suits? I’d pony up $80-$100 for a suit, shirt and tie for twenty-fours hours. Think about it – I’d never have to worry about lapel shapes, the number of buttons, single or double breasted, vest/no vest, vent/no-vent/double vent, skinny versus wide tie or any number of other style options that immediately date a suit six months after purchase. My credit card would get me a stylish, of-the-moment ensemble with little worry. I think such a concept could kick ass.

We’d start off slow – standard black, gray or navy suits in a range of sizes with just a few shirt and tie options. I mean, for guys leasing suits, how “discerning” can they be, fashion-wise? As the idea takes off, we’d franchise and add more styles, sizes and options.

Think about it, guys… I think I may be on to something. Any investors out there?

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