Yes, Beyonce, I plan to “Put a ring on it!”

For no particular reason, I have jewelry on my mind today.

I guess maybe I am thinking about this because hopefully, in late June, when the planets magically align and SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of The United States) magically grows some balls and FINALLY repeals DOMA – with all due respect to all the female justices – I would like to “officially” marry my significant other.

And it occurs to me that such an event needs to be finalized and marked with a significant piece of jewelry.

Now, as a gay man, there IS no other jeweler besides Tiffany’s. I mean, I remember ordering a $65.00 key chain from Tiffany’s in my late 20’s, just so I could have a “blue box.” Anyway, I was online today and narrowed my choices down to three:

The Etoile – platinum and diamonds. A classic!

Etoile Men's Ring

Or Paloma’s  – as in PicassoZellige Ring in infinitely more affordable sterling –

ZelligeOr finally, the classic (and obviously status-seeking) 1837 Ring

1837 RingAll these rings are fantastic – I love them all and wish I could shower my sweet boyfriend with one of each. We have looked at the 1837 Ring before, so…

Who knows? Come late June, we may take a trip to NYC or Chicago and buy these guys. It seems like an event that merits a trip, rather than ordering them online, would you not agree?

(all images courtesy Tiffany & Company)

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